Golfer Cake in Huddersfield

Lady golfer Cake in Huddersfield


Wonder if she realises how hard it is to actually blow a real golf ball ;-> A great birthday cake idea for a very good & keen lady golfer celebrating her 70th Birthday in Huddersfield. Hope you had a great birthday celebration.

Huddersfield Cakes & Mirfield Cakes - Golfers Cake

Despicable Me Minion Cake Huddersfield

Minion Cake in Huddersfield

Hope this minion doesn’t get an identity crisis…. This minion Cake from Despicable Me 2 was a great cake challenge. It involved building a number of separate cakes layers up to make the body. After that it was a case of applying the icing and all the other features. I was really pleased with the end result as was my 10 year Huddersfield customer.

Huddersfield Cakes & Mirfield Cakes - Despicable Me Minion Cake

Peppa Pig Cake in Mirfield

Peppa pig Birthaday Cake in Mirfield

You can’t go anywhere without seeing Peppa Pig. This is nice little cake with Peppa and George having some fun with a pair of ducks for a customer in Mirfield. I don’t think Peppa and George will last long though after the birthday cake candle has been blown out….

Huddersfield Cakes & Mirfield Cakes - Peppa Pig Cake (3)