Huddersfield Cakes & Cupcakes Blog May

Wow it’s been a busy couple of weeks for Huddersfield cakes.  There has been some really interesting cake orders from people in the local Huddersfield and Mirfield areas.

There has been a large variety of cake designs, some new (never done before) and some repeat orders of prior designs which prove to be very popular. (No Prizes for guessing which ones below).

One of the most enjoyable parts of designing, making & delivering a cake for a customer is just being given a theme and then researching all the possible ideas that can be delivered in a cake. Its really interesting letting your mind go wild and coming up with different design options. I always try to offer a varied amount of options from the simple to the outrageous so the customer has a varied chose to select from. 

Suitcase Cake for a local Customer - One of my Best Huddersfield Cakes



This Huddersfield cake was for a budding new traveler. The suitcase theme is not new and as you can see on google their are lots of different cake suitcase cake designs out there. The customer specified the various country flag as their friend is about to travel to all these countries so it will make the suitcase cake a bit more authentic. This was a traditional Sponge cake. Good luck Mandy and save travels.

Fishing Cake for a local Customer - Another one to add to the Huddersfield Cakes List


This cake was for a regular customer’s dad’s 60th birthday. No guessing what is favourite hobby is ? Their are lots of examples of fisherman cakes on the internet but I settled on doing the one above as i don’t want it to busy and i try to have a bit of humor in my designs so thought the fish jumping on the hook was perfect.

Frozen Two Tier Cakes for a local Customer - Frozen is a very popular Huddersfield Cakes request


Well it has to be said Frozen is still proving to be popular now, even 2 years after the film. I’ve done quite a few of this particular 2 tier cake design. I always try to vary it slightly so each cake is unique to the customer but the design is proving to be very popular. For me the Elsa Figure on top just finishes it off nicely along with a few feathers and ribbons.

If you are in the Huddersfield or Mirfield area and are interested in any of the above designs or something totally different (I.e. not Minecraft or Frozen ;-)) then please contact me to discuss design options and cost.  Even if you don’t need your cakes for a number of weeks please contact ASAP as I soon get booked up and some complex cake designs can take over a week to create and source materials  so don’t wait too long.